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The latest independent poll from Quinnipiac University, released Wednesday, shows 65% of Floridians approve of the way Gov. Charlie Crist is handling his job.

A release from Quinnipiac describes the rating as “sky high,” noting that he is as well liked among Florida voters as President Barack Obama.


Gov. Crist obviously deserves a closer look. Here is his On The Issues backgrounder, which grades him center-right, with populist leanings. Here are all Politiwatch dispatches filed about Gov. Crist.


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This article:

The purchase of a piece of property in America, a single-family house, a PUD (planned unit development) or a condo (flat within a condominium) will guarantee you and your family a green card. This is one of the extreme measures implemented to help stall the meteoric fall of the United States economy in light of the economic crisis, Bulgarian weekly Stroitelstvo Gradut reported on January 15.

Thirty-five accredited investors will have the opportunity to acquire real estate in the south-eastern state of Florida – by purchasing a house – they will be granted a green card for permanent residence and right of employment for the buyer himself and his/her entire family.

Additional conditions are that the prospective buyer must have a clean criminal record, a good credit record, the ability to present and prove a decent monthly income, and no outstanding financial obligations or credit liabilities. The purchase itself can be done either with cash, bank transfer or monthly instalments, but the financial resource must be proven legitimate.

The US government has allocated 10 000 such visas nation-wide for potential investors in real esate, under a programme approved by the US Congress. Florida’s is the first such programme that has actively been given the green light to commence.

is tying Michelle Malkin’s stomach in knots. Most of her commenters are suffering indigestion as well. I must be missing something.

A question for those of you who are doubled over at the waist after reading this piece:

  1. Do you not think that 10 months of housing inventory is a bad thing?  Would you not like to dump some of that inventory on “accredited investors?”
  2. Does the specter of, God forbid, another terrorist attack preclude you from agreeing to 10,000 visas for “potential investors in real estate?”  If so, does the “clean criminal record” requirement not ease your mind?  Recall our stock answer any time the left complained of executive overreach: “No one expected that after seven years we would not have been attacked again, so the administration is getting something right.”
  3. Or is your concern one of lost jobs?  Because throwing 10,000 real estate investors into an economy of 303 million does not seem statistically relevant.
  4. Or is your concern something else?

Relevance statement: I’m filing this one under Florida governor Charlie Crist.

Disclosure: I’m not 100% sold on this green-for-green policy either. But for much different reasons, apparently.

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As this Newsweek piece reminds us, there are still 21 of them. I’m really not in the mood to talk about Bobby Jindal right now, since for the first time in my life a key figure in the Republican Party is younger than me, and I’m still stinging from the blow. (They don’t call in the Grand Old Party for nothing.)

It’s worth a read. The party has a great deal to figure out, in terms of policy and, as Mike Huckabee reminds us, process.

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I’m coming down with a serious case of Derangement Syndrome Derangement Syndrome. I understood accusations of Bush Derangement Syndrome, even Clinton Derangement Syndrome. But Palin Derangement Syndrome? Obama Derangement Syndrome? Joe the Plumber Derangement Syndrome (!!!)?

I propose a truce. I simply cannot handle four years of talk of McDonnell Derangement Syndrome, Jindal Derangement Syndrome, Crist Derangement Syndrome, Cantor Derangement Syndrome…

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States are heading for budget difficulties that may compel the governors to swallow hard and either propose or accept tax increases.

And there is no better way to alienate the base of the Republican Party than to push for, or acquiesce to, tax increases.

Yeah? So?

The problem is particularly sensitive for a group of governors who are looked upon as potential leaders of their party in the wake of Sen. John McCain’s loss in the presidential campaign, including Charlie Crist of Florida, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

Oh. Gotcha.

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Florida Gov. Charlie Crist met Tuesday with a top banking official and said afterward that he wants to secure an agreement from lenders for a voluntary moratorium on foreclosures at least through the holidays.


Crist was still unsure if he could compel foreclosures to stop through an executive order or whether it would take an act of the Legislature, but he said he would prefer that lenders do it voluntarily.

Source article here.

I can’t imagine what a voluntary or codified moratorium would do to Florida’s lending market. Let’s put to the case that there would be no adverse affects whatsoever. Either way, from the macro view, this is a silly PR stunt. If they’re facing foreclosure, it’s because they’re under water. Either throw them a rope or don’t. This is tantamount to letting them on the boat … but for only a month. And then charging the passage to some unrelated rich guy.

(Jurisdiction statement: Gov. Charlie Crist is often cited as a second-tier GOP candidate for their 2012 presidential pick.)

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For the first time in 12 years, Florida turned blue and voted for Barack Obama. Voters here also replaced 2 Republican Congressmen with Democrats. Still, as Mike Vasilinda tells us, Florida’s Republican Governor remains exceptionally popular.

Charlie Crist promised property taxes would “Drop like a rock”. It was more like a pebble. He tackled high property insurance rates and got mixed reviews. Yet his popularity remains extremely high. A poll by Quinnipac University found if Crist were up for re-election today, he would win. 68 percent approve of the job he is doing.

“His numbers for a sitting Governor are very impressive,” Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown said. “Especially for a sitting Governor in very tough economic times.”

Read the rest here. Gov. Crist is often cited as a second-tier GOP presidential candidate for 2012.

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