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Michelle Malkin is calling Senator John Cornyn and four other Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee who voted in favor of sending Timothy Geithner’s nomination to the full floor for a vote the B.O. Republicans (B.O. stands for either “Barack Obama” or “Bend Over”, take your pick).

He followed that up by voting, along with just 10 Republicans, in favor of Geithner’s confirmation. (One couldn’t be sure that he would do that. After all, he voted to hold up Hillary Clinton’s unanimous nomination for legitimate reasons, and then capitulated by voting to confirm her after all.)



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Yesterday I heard John Cornyn say that he admires Edward (Ted) Kennedy, even though they differ philosophically in many ways, because, “He’s been a courageous fighter as he has been for his entire career. … Our thoughts and prayers go with him.”

Today I read this: “[Bobby Jindal] admires Kennedy because, ‘He is relentless; he is consistent; he knows where he wants to go.’”

What? Republicans praising a Democrat two days in a row? We cynical voters tend to question the motives of anything politicians do these days, so here I go: are these guys a) honoring the man, b) eulogizing him while his body is still warm, or c) reaching across party lines to reinforce their bipartisan credentials at the beginning of an election cycle?

Perhaps the right answer is all of the above.  Even if their intentions are beyond reproach, it’s still smart politics. Look for more of this over the next couple of years from the real party builders.

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