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Considering that the subject of this dispatch is government funding by way of casino tax revenue, that joke was so bad it almost doesn’t read as a joke. Sorry. It’s early yet. But let’s move along:

The Governor of Hawaii is considering bringing gambling to the state, one of only two in the US that doesn’t allow some form of wagering. Linda Lingle was quoted by the Associated Press as saying nothing should be excluded from discussion of how to address the state”s budget problems.


Economic projections are that Hawaii will receive as much as $1.8 billion less over the next two years than its current budget requires. While cost-cutting measures may improve things slightly, a large new revenue stream such as could be derived from gaming would make sense.

State politicians have said legalized gambling might be explored before considering tax raises. Casinos combined with Hawaii’s natural beauty and beach resorts seem like a natural draw to increase tourism.


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Hawaii’s governor has announced plans to create an extensive electric-car-charging network by 2012, in an effort to wean the islands off of high-priced oil.

The plan, unveiled today by Republican governor Linda Lingle, calls for a public-private partnership with Better Place, a company that develops infrastructure to support electric vehicles. The Silicon Valley start-up, which made a similar deal with cities in California’s San Francisco Bay Area last month, plans to install between 70,000 to 100,000 charging ports throughout Hawaii’s four largest islands.

Read the rest here. Cue the left’s cries of “corporatism” and “going green for all the wrong reasons” in T-minus 5…4…3…

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