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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said today that the U.S. economic downturn is much worse than political leaders admit and predicted the recovery will take three to five years.

The financial meltdown points to “a much more profound problem than people think” as American industries and education have lost ground to China and India, Gingrich said.

The former Georgia lawmaker told a reporters’ breakfast that the one upside to the crisis is that it might prod reform.

“This is frightening enough that you could have a genuine national conversation about fundamental change,” he said.

Source. If I’ve learned one thing following the GOP, it’s that we should answer any mention of “China,” “India,” “reform” or “national conversation” with one hand on our wallets and the other hand on the Constitution. It boggles the mind to imagine the sort of “fundamental change” Gingrich might be calling for. His comments were just vague enough to be frightening.

The article goes on to describe Gingrich’s evolving view of Sarah Palin, hence the category.


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Calgon, take me away:

Asked if her new political action committee was an early signal that she is running for president in 2012, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin replied: “No, not at all, not at all, no. It’s helpful to have a PAC so that when I’m invited to things even like to speak at the Lincoln Day dinner in Fairbanks, to have a PAC pay for that instead of have the state pay for that because that could be considered quasi-political.” Uh-huh. She’s being something less than completely honest here, but we can forgive her.

Basically, ignore her first sentence (“No, not at all, not at all, no.”) Everything else she said is true.

Read the rest and follow all of the links here.

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As Fred points out in this post, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (a conservative Republican) is vying to supplant Kaleefornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (a less-conservative Republican) as the nation’s symbolic green governor. I don’t see it as triangulation. I see it as an essential component for both winning the Republican nomination and taking on Barry “Killing Babies Is Just As Important As Not Killing Trees” Obama in the 2012 General Election:

How To Run For President In 2012: Rule #1 – Reclaim what is rightfully ours. Conservatism and Conservation are from the same etymological family tree, so let us be conservative about the environment.

By the way: Arnold is grappling with figuring out how to convert 2786.6 Trillion BTU’s (8,359.8 ÷ 3) to renewable energy sources by 2020. Sarah has to convert 399.6 Trillion BTU’s (799.2 ÷ 3) to green energy sources by 2025. Sarah’s piece of the pie is 14% of Arnold’s share. If they both succeed, then Arnold, who has a much more monumental task than Sarah, should get the Green ribbon. Af course Rick Perry (a conservative Republican) might have a say in the matter. He needs to convert just 25% of Texas energy usage to environmentally-friendy sources in order to surpass Arnold’s goal (11,558.30 Trillion BTU’s ÷ 4 = 2889.575 Trillion BTU’s).

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Or is this satire? Mind you, this comes from the not-unconservative GOP governor of Alaska:

Last week, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called a news conference to announce “a future where, ideally, 50% of Alaska’s electricity is generated from renewable resources by 2025.”


Palin’s 50% goal one-ups California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who touts himself as the nation’s green governor: Two months ago, he signed an executive order requiring 33% of Golden State electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2020. President-elect Barack Obama, whose home state of Illinois is a major coal producer, has called for 25% renewable energy use nationwide by 2025.

Maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age.

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Brian Gaines, who is with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs and is also a political science professor, had this to say when asked by the Daily Illini about the next GOP presidential candidate:

Whether successful or not, I don’t think anybody is likely in the next two years to emerge as the likely nominee. I’m guessing it will be a governor. Historically speaking, Republicans have proven to get second chances. Look at McCain and Reagan. I can see Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani building strength in the grassroots in the next four years. I would also guess Tim Pawlenty, Mark Sanford or maybe Bobby Jindal from Louisiana. I would not count out Sarah Palin either. She took a beating from the media but she proved her ability to excite the grassroots of her party.

If it’s true that the next likely GOP nominee is not going to emerge for two years, then this blog, which is primarily devoted to highlighting the 2012 candidates for president, is more than likely going to accumulate a thick portfolio while sorting out all of the various wannabees and trying to predict who the eventual front runner might be.

The rest of the interview is also well worth a read. Gaines mainly discusses the GOP’s current public perception problems and offers strategies on how they can win back control of Congress.

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Her vice-presidential bid redefines the expression “mixed bag.” News media outlets generally ripped her to shreds, micro-analyzing her candidacy to new heights. (Depths?) Dyed-in-the-wool conservatives adored her, and most probably still do. More moderate conservatives didn’t appear certain of what to make of her. I do not exclude her running mate in this regard.

What is her next move? Accumulate policy experience and develop a political vocabulary? I mean, good Lord, woman. You couldn’t even name the Kelo case?

Or should she continue to launch this PR offensive, indicting “bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie?” CNN weighs in.

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Sarah Palin, when shown a photo recently of MSNBC’s resident douche bag Keith Olbermann, let out a shriek and said, “THAT guy is EVIL!”

I have to admit that my instinctive reactions about MSNBC’s resident hate-monger are similar to Palin’s. Whenever I flip to an NFL pre-game analysis on NBC and I see that Olbermann is on the panel, I immediately cringe and reach for the remote control so that I can change the channel as quickly as possible.

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