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Brian Gaines, who is with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs and is also a political science professor, had this to say when asked by the Daily Illini about the next GOP presidential candidate:

Whether successful or not, I don’t think anybody is likely in the next two years to emerge as the likely nominee. I’m guessing it will be a governor. Historically speaking, Republicans have proven to get second chances. Look at McCain and Reagan. I can see Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani building strength in the grassroots in the next four years. I would also guess Tim Pawlenty, Mark Sanford or maybe Bobby Jindal from Louisiana. I would not count out Sarah Palin either. She took a beating from the media but she proved her ability to excite the grassroots of her party.

If it’s true that the next likely GOP nominee is not going to emerge for two years, then this blog, which is primarily devoted to highlighting the 2012 candidates for president, is more than likely going to accumulate a thick portfolio while sorting out all of the various wannabees and trying to predict who the eventual front runner might be.

The rest of the interview is also well worth a read. Gaines mainly discusses the GOP’s current public perception problems and offers strategies on how they can win back control of Congress.


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…but the winner of the Al Franken-Norm Coleman bout very well may be Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, if for no other reason than the sheer number of times the media have dropped his name recently. He has scored these plugs at zero cost and with no ideological strings attached whatsoever.

Relevance statement: Governor Pawlenty just may be a 2012 hopeful.

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I’ll say this once.  Hopefully. Building a sports stadium with tax dollars is not an effective or acceptable economic stimulus package.

Taxation takes money out of the private sector and transfers it to the public sector.  Re-transferring that same sum back to the private sector is not “economic stimulus,” it’s simply restoring the original balance sheets.  Owners of football teams cannot spend (or save) your money any more wisely than you can. 

(I’ll save a discussion of bogus eminent domain claims until this stadium is actually built, which in time it certainly will be.)

Relevance statement: 2012 possible Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, opposes the idea.  Good man.

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States are heading for budget difficulties that may compel the governors to swallow hard and either propose or accept tax increases.

And there is no better way to alienate the base of the Republican Party than to push for, or acquiesce to, tax increases.

Yeah? So?

The problem is particularly sensitive for a group of governors who are looked upon as potential leaders of their party in the wake of Sen. John McCain’s loss in the presidential campaign, including Charlie Crist of Florida, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

Oh. Gotcha.

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I guess conservative journalists have gotten lost so far within that mythical wilderness that they couldn’t find their way out of it in time to get to Miami for the Republican Governors Association conference. When the only coverage seems to be coming from self-described liberals like Ana Marie Cox, I can only guess that GOP journalist are either having an existential crisis or they are non-existent. Cox’s coverage was fair, I’ll admit, as were her interviews with Mike Pence and Tim Pawlenty (left).


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