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Dennis Berry from Warrenton, Oregon wrote the following comment today in response to an article written on the Catholic News Agency’s website about President Barack Obama’s plan’s to overturn Bush-era restrictions on abortion:

President-Elect Obama has clearly stated his position on abortion: that it is a subject about which people disagree profoundly, but also an issue on which common ground can and must be sought.

Obama is NOT anti-Catholic, nor is he pro-abortion. Frankly, I’ve never met anyone who is a cheerleader for abortion, though a majority of Americans believe abortion should be an option not excluded by law, based on a pregnant woman’s decision, in consultation with whomever she wants to consult, including her priest, if she’s Catholic.

I’ll go along with Obama: I think we need to try to get along and try to understand each other’s views – and then formulate public policy that reflects our common respect and preserves options for everyone.

Boy, what a radical position!

Mr. Berry’s view reflects the views held by many Catholics who voted for the radically pro-choice politician last month. Here’s the rub, though, and one of the many reasons why these same voters will come to regret their decision to vote for him. An article on FoxNews.com states that:

President-elect Barack Obama is looking to reverse a regulation being finalized this week by the outgoing Bush administration that allows health care providers to refuse participation in any practice they object to on moral grounds, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The regulation establishes a “right of conscience” that gives medical staff the right to refuse abortions and other health care as well.

If indeed President Obama tries to force healthcare providers to go against their own moral beliefs, then that doesn’t sound to me like “public policy that reflects our common respect and preserves options for everyone.” It sounds more like taking away the rights of both unborn babies and doctors—all in the name of convenience for others.

Prediction: Abortions will trend drastically upward over the next four years. Because of this (and how could it not be?) more Catholics in 2012 will be one-issue voters than they were in 2008. That’s good for the conservative movement. And for unborn babies, too.


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