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Imagine being so arrogant, so ignorant and such an ideologue that you ignore the expert advice of both Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the architect of Iraq’s current fragile stability, General David Petraeus.  The terrorists are rubbing their hands together in glee today after reading this report about the infighting that has ensued in the wake of President Obama’s foolish decision to pull most of the troops out of Iraq within the next 16 months.

If the situation there goes south like Gates and Petraeus expect it to do, both men will have instant credibility as GOP presidential candidates.  I woudn’t be surprised to hear about either man’s resignation/retirement in the coming weeks.

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Buchanan and Paul

I couldn’t analyze politics like this when I was a university sophomore. I probably still can’t now. You can bicker over the fine points but his thesis is quite thought-provoking:

Well, then who is out there fighting [for the future of the GOP]? A good indicator is whether a person has been labeled an “extremist” or “out of the mainstream,” which basically means he or she doesn’t deliberate between which left-wing policies are preferable. Examples include Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul — both of whom were against the war in Iraq from the start, predicted the economic crisis well in advance, support secure borders and identify and speak out against cultural Marxism.

Read the rest here.

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Mike Huckabee said that the reason the GOP has lost its way is that it hasn’t delivered on conservatism. There’s more to it than that. Truth be told, we’ve fallen short in a multitude of areas that have nothing to do with tax cuts and the overturning of Roe v. Wade: new technology, charisma (Palin notwithstanding), grass-roots politics and, perhaps most importantly, infiltration of the educational system and the mainstream media.

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The other side of the coin

(And by “coin,” I mean the kind that Tobias or I wouldn’t spend on a car.)

When Haircutgate v1.0 erupted, the left responded this way:

And the left was right (that came out wrong). Regardless of my opinion of Gov. Palin — as of this moment, Heaven help me, I’d lean toward Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ) — I don’t think this will hurt her, nor should it.

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Straight talk

I love it:

While many other state governors are asking the federal government for financial help, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford wants none of it for his state. In a letter to president-elect Barack Obama, Gov. Sanford wrote, “We don’t believe economic problems that were in large measure created by too much debt will be solved by more debt.“


“If economic stimulus was as easy as simply cutting a check out of Washington, D.C., we’d never have downturns. We’d never have recessions,“ Sanford said.

Gov. Sanford is often cited as a potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate. But as for the “libertarian leanings” I keep hearing about? Not sure if I concur.

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